Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Book signing at Gallery Nucleus Dec 4th at 2pm

I will be having a book signing at gallery nucleus, which is super exciting!

Producing this book is something I am very proud of because I have loved books my entire life, i read a lot as a kid and still do. I find it amazing that entire experiences, adventures, whole life's work, entire bodies of knowledge or anything imaginable can be communicated from author to reader, in such a controlled method. when ben, konstantin, nate and I were creating this book, we knew what we wanted, a large book, with no text crammed full of images, a sort of visual assault, a celebration of drawing. i was inspired by the sketchbooks of heinrich kley, and other dover sketchbooks, jerome opena, katsuya terada, Igor-alban Chevalier and others. I think it was the clarity of intend that made the book so solid.

i made a video of me flipping through the book

gallery nucleus will be the exclusive online seller, starting dec 4th, if you live in the bay area and want a copy just send me an email.