Thursday, March 31, 2011


Ok. WONDERCON is this Friday. Thanks to Ben we have a table and even a map to get there. And we will be signing SKETCHBOOKS. Which means EVERY SKETCHBOOK sold gets a sketch from each of us; or at least that's what we try to do. So STOP BY!
table AA121

Monday, March 21, 2011

daily travel

i commute almost everyday, the drawings are usually very bad, i am either entirely too tired because it is too early, or too tired because it is too late. or i feel great because it is a good to time to go to work/home, but then the train is usually so full of people i can't get a look at anything to draw!

Friday, March 11, 2011


most artists know this point of view so well, to the left and right a crowd of artists


for me these kinds of drawings are mostly entirely exercises in composition,meaning i want to add a complex layer of shapes and play around with them organizationally. i wanted 3 focal points and a few overlapping design triangles.

design hierchy of focal points
focal point 1- head ( interesting because it contains the only eye, most detailed face)
focal point 2 - the hand painting (interesting because of complex grided space)
focal point 3 - second hand (isolated shape versus large block of rest of image)

the first triangle/wedge shape is a top left down to hand and brush, containg 5 heads anchored by brush hand.

second triangle is formed by the main head, the brush hand and the relaxed hand. sort of upside down.

hopefully with these 2 overlapping patterns, there is a pleasant, yet not "in your face obvious" eye flow

in a drawing like this i try and pay careful attention to the meaning of everyline and every angle, as the lines and angles create the shapes. so even though i am designing angles and lines i am simultaniusly designing shapes.

it's amazing to think how much complexity and variety can be achieved with such simple means, even before going into value and color.