Friday, March 11, 2011


most artists know this point of view so well, to the left and right a crowd of artists


for me these kinds of drawings are mostly entirely exercises in composition,meaning i want to add a complex layer of shapes and play around with them organizationally. i wanted 3 focal points and a few overlapping design triangles.

design hierchy of focal points
focal point 1- head ( interesting because it contains the only eye, most detailed face)
focal point 2 - the hand painting (interesting because of complex grided space)
focal point 3 - second hand (isolated shape versus large block of rest of image)

the first triangle/wedge shape is a top left down to hand and brush, containg 5 heads anchored by brush hand.

second triangle is formed by the main head, the brush hand and the relaxed hand. sort of upside down.

hopefully with these 2 overlapping patterns, there is a pleasant, yet not "in your face obvious" eye flow

in a drawing like this i try and pay careful attention to the meaning of everyline and every angle, as the lines and angles create the shapes. so even though i am designing angles and lines i am simultaniusly designing shapes.

it's amazing to think how much complexity and variety can be achieved with such simple means, even before going into value and color.


Jelter said...

nice hearts

Anna said...

I had no idea how intense the process is. Kudos to the artist.

Andrew Smith said...

Hey George, not sure I see everything you're talking about but it's a lovely drawing. Have any good books on composition to recommend? I've gone through Henry Rankin Poores' book but I want more!

Konstantin Pogorelov said...

Mr. Cwirko-Godycki, could you talk a little more about the hearts on her sleeve and their compositional role? Was it an emotional decision designed to convey to the viewer the likeable qualities you perceived in the subject, attenuated by facetiousness of the seemingly-too-obvious symbolism?

Ricky Cometa said...

great drawing and it's really awesome to hear your approach, you should do more process stuff

Mónico Chávez said...

Lol @ pogorelov.

Great sketch, G.

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